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Starting in 2011 Groton Youth Baseball adopted a "50/70" field length of youth baseball field dimensions for the Major League Baseball Division.

50/70 describes the length of the pitchers mound (50 feet) to home plate and the length of the base path (70 feet).  Youth baseball traditionally played with a 46 foot pitchers mound (from the mound to the plate) and 60 foot long base path. 50/70 Baseball allows for a more realistic baseball experience and offers many changes that help develop baseball and make for an exciting baseball experience.  Among the changes for 50/70 over 46/60:
  • Real-Time Base Leading and Stealing
  • Pitchers will hold runners on base, learning to pitch from the stretch
  • More advantage to the hitter, because of the longer baseball mound to the plate
  • Easier transition to the larger Babe Ruth size field
  • Allows for players to develop real baseball skills