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8 - Y E A R - O L D   P L A Y 

Policy for 8-Year-Old Play in Cal Ripken Minor
In an effort to maximize the development of GYBL players, a small group of players who are baseball age 8 – that is, 8 years old before 5/1/2017 -- will have the opportunity to move from the Coach Pitch (CP) division to the Cal Ripken Minors division. The intent is to place the more experienced/skilled 8-year-old players in a league that best matches their talent/skill. The selection process is based solely on an evaluation of registered CP players. To be eligible, players must have played one year of Coach Pitch and must participate in the evaluation. There are no exceptions. It should be noted that players are not required to move to Cal Ripken Minors, if chosen.
The process is as follows:
1.   Players register online for Coach Pitch at www.gybl.net
2.   Indicate your interest in having your child evaluated for the Minors Division on the registration form.  All eligible 8-year-old players are evaluated in March. The evaluations include fielding, throwing (including accuracy), batting, pitching and catching. Players receive a score for each station, which are accumulated to form a single rating per player. 

The highest ranked players from the evaluation are offered an opportunity to play in Cal Ripken Minor.  The number of 8-year olds selected to play in the Minors division varies from year to year and is based on available roster spots and player evaluations.

Players chosen are not required to move to Cal Ripken Minor.
3.   Parents are to be notified via e-mail 2-5 days after the evaluation. At this time, parents must reply back to the Cal Ripken Minors coordinator indicating their intention to move up to Cal Ripken Minors (this must be done within 2 days of being notified).  The registrar will revise each player's file to reflect placement in Cal Ripken Minor and notify families when complete, and families will then submit additional fee (see below).

1. What is the boards policy on 8-year old play?
     The GYBL board and coordinators feel players benefit from playing at a level that best matches their skills. There is a wide range of talent with 8-year-olds. Some have mastered hitting, catching and fielding, while  others are just starting out. Matching skills to the appropriate league advances the development of all players (it also addresses a safety concern in which a strong player is throwing to a player that may have trouble catching). Moving the more skilled players into Cal Ripken Minor allows them an opportunity to learn about the more advanced aspects of the game (stealing, pitching, etc.) while those players needing more fundamental development (catching, hitting) have an opportunity to spend more time mastering these skills.
2. My child cannot make the evaluation (e.g. sick, vacation) - can he/she still be considered for playing in Cal Ripken Minor?
     No.  Evaluations are essential to ensuring a fair and consistent process. There are no exceptions. If a player misses the evaluation he/she is automatically placed on a Coach Pitch team.
3. What is the purpose of the evaluation? Is this is try-out for Cal Ripken Minor?
     The Coach Pitch evaluations serve a dual purpose. First and foremost, it serves to balance the talent across the various CP teams. Secondly, it serves to identify the more skilled players who may benefit from playing in Cal Ripken Minor. Unlike a try-out, there is no "cut". All players are guaranteed a spot on a Coach Pitch roster.
4. How many players will be chosen to play in Cal Ripken Minors?
     The goal is to have no more than 1 or 2 8-year old players per Cal Ripken Minors team. The total number will depend on the number of players/teams in Cal Ripken Minor and the skill level of the players.
5. Who conducts the evaluations?
     The evaluations are done by members of the board and coaches.
6. If some of the players selected to play in Cal Ripken Minor elect to stay in Coach Pitch, will the next available player (based on rankings) be chosen in his place?
7. Will the evaluation results be available to parents?
     No. All evaluations are kept in strict confidence of the coordinators. The rankings are used by the coaches during the respective drafts, but they are not kept by coaches or distributed.
8. What if I don't agree with the evaluation results? Who can I talk to?
     You may talk with the Cal Ripken Minor coordinator. However, the results and decisions made regarding the CP players eligible for Cal Ripken Minor are final and not open to debate.
9. My child was chosen to play up. Can he/she play both Coach Pitch and Cal Ripken Minor?
    No. He/she must choose one or the other.
10. Cal Ripken Minor costs more to play than Coach Pitch. Will I be expected to pay the difference and if so, how will this be done?
    Yes. The Cal Ripken Minor coordinator will send a separate e-mail to all families that have been selected to move up. Within 4 days the registrar will update the players' on-line registration, including new division and additional fee, and will notify families when complete. At this time, families may log onto their GYBL account and pay the balance via the online payment system. All payments must be received prior to opening day.
      Players assigned to move up will not be charged the $30.00 late fee. If the system shows payment due for more than the difference between the two divisions, please e-mail prior to issuing payment.
11. My child is 8 years old and played baseball in another town last year (we have since moved to Groton). Will he/she be eligible to play-up?
     Yes. The intent of this program is to provide experienced players the opportunity to move into Cal Ripken Minor. A first year player is not eligible.
12. Can my 7-year-old be considered to play in Cal Ripken Minors?
     No.  The only exception is if a player has already completed 1 year of Coach Pitch, and has been evaluated as "exceptional" during league-conducted player evaluations.  If these requirements have been met the player may be considered to play minors.
13. Will players from T-ball be eligible to move up to coach-pitch?
      No. The only exception is if a player has played 2 years of T-ball, and has demonstrated exceptional skills.  If these requirements have been met the player may be considered to play coach pitch.