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Welcome to Groton-Dunstable Youth Baseball!



Groton baseball fields are now open for certain limited baseball activities.  Players registered for summer ball will be hearing from coaches shortly regarding team assignments and practice schedules.  League officials are working on creating summer game schedules to commence as soon as games are permitted.

We appreciate parent and player cooperation in adhering to the following covid related guidelines required for use of Groton baseball fields, which are in effect until further notice:

  • Only non-contact drills and practices allowed.  No inter-team games, scrimmages or tournaments permitted.  Practice sessions limited to no more than two hours per group
  • Participants must be separated into groups of no more than 12 players and coaches
  • No sharing of equipment, to include bats, gloves, helmets, batting gloves and catcher's equipment
  • Coaches to wear face masks or face coverings.  Face masks are optional for players
  • No more than one spectator per child may be present during a practice.  A "spectactor" is a parent or guardian of a player practicing at that time.  Spectators must wear face masks or face coverings, cannot enter onto the playing field, and are required to practice social distancing
  • Social distancing to be observed by participants to the extent possible.  Handshakes, high fives, fist bumps and other bodily contact discouraged.
  • No access to dugouts allowed.   Equipment bags to be placed outside dugouts at least six feet apart
  • Only coaches allowed access to storage sheds
  • No sharing of food or drinks
  • Any trash generated must be removed from the premises (carry in-carry out policy)
  • No gum chewing, spitting or sunflower seeds allowed
  • Bottles of hand sanitizer to be made available at practices.  Players are encouraged to wash hands or apply hand sanitizer both before and after practice.























by Cormac Bordes posted 04/26/2020
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